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How to make the introduction of a essay?

It is very important to know how to structure a essay, report or thesis, one of the usual aspects to pay attention to is the introduction of a essay, which should summarize the content of the draft throughout the essay, in a simple way and concise.

  • Importance of a good introduction
  • Give a quick but accurate idea of ​​the content of the work.
  • Put the research topic in a clear and orderly manner
  • Explain the way in which the investigation has been carried out.
  • Represent the first contact that the reader has with the text, plays a key role because after reading this, the reader will decide whether or not to continue reading.

How to do the introduction of a essay

The introduction should be engaging for the reader to maintain interest in finishing reading the essay. This is why you start with a broad base and then take it to your particular field of study, explaining the logic behind each step of the essay.

It does not have a restrictive limit of words or number of leaves, unlike the synopsis, but it must be quite concise. It can become a part of hard work to write, which is why many researchers, lawyers and scientists prefer to leave it to the end, in order to ensure not forget important points that must contain.

In a long research work, where some scheme is used, it may be useful to structure the introduction around that scheme. A long and tangled introduction will discourage the reader. The outline should not be left in order to structure the introduction in a similar way.

At the time of writing an introduction, who makes it can ask certain questions that will guide it so that it comes out more easily; What is the research topic? Why is the research done? What is the purpose? Do you want to describe, analyze, differentiate the topics? It is not necessary to do them all, with two or three it will be enough to develop a good introduction.

Characteristics that an introduction must have

  • Comply with the theoretical framework: It should give a general idea about the content of the project.
  • Explanation of the objective of the investigation, the idea or theme that is explained in the text.
  • An answer to the reason for this investigation
  • The general objective of it.
  • Explanation of how it is that you are going to get what you want to explain in the project.
  • To make known the theoretical origins so that the reader knows the bases of this.
  • The background, the practices in the field and the advances, are also points that can be captured in the introduction.
  • The topics dealt with according to the theoretical framework must be answered in the introduction in a precise and easy way, since the interpretation varies according to the person.
  • As you prepare the introduction of a project you can see how it is going, adjust the text to convenience and finalize the details so that a readable content for the type of people to whom the project is directed.

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