Uncategorized Do you know what are the steps to carry out a project?

Do you know what are the steps to carry out a project?

To be able to execute a project exactly as it is due, it is necessary that you make a perfect planning in which you have to take into account several factors. So that once you have the planning ready you can begin to carry out each action that gives you the opportunity to obtain the objectives set for that project. You should know that in the planning of it you should think about what it is you want to do, describing each of the characteristics and the purpose.

Another part is the rationale of why you want to carry out the project and what it will serve you, on the other hand you must set goals, as well as activities and tasks, calendar of activities, people to whom it is addressed and without leaving resources aside human, material and financial.

Steps that allow you to effectively do a project

Once you have everything planned you must start to build your project as such, which must consist of different elements such as those mentioned below.

Start by putting a name to your project that refers to what is going to develop inside. Try placing a simple name, leaving aside the tendency to place long and complicated names. Depending on the target audience, a word game or a slogan may be used to facilitate understanding.

Continue with a brief explanation of the project, that is, elements such as what it consists of. The name will help you get an idea of ​​what it is about, but it is not enough to have a global idea.

What is the project about? Start by making a broad description, making the central idea clear. By broad we do not mean that it must be excessively extensive, it is enough that the recipients can give themselves a concrete idea of ​​it.

Then you must write the foundation as such, here you must place the reasons you have to be able to carry out the project itself. What are the reasons why you want to carry out the project? In this section you must justify (see how to justify a project) and fully substantiate, for this it is recommended: In the first place, justify the problem to be addressed and the urgency or importance of it.

The effects of not carrying out an intervention can be indicated. Afterwards, make it clear that the project you want to carry out is the correct and most appropriate solution. These two points are often confused, but by covering separately, a more complete foundation can be made.

The purpose is what continues, this is where the placement of the social problem that can be solved by the execution of the project is required. The objectives are the ones that play a fundamental role to fulfill the purpose. What social problem are you looking to solve? After you found your project, you must write this problem.

The purpose of the project is considered a generalized aspiration, what is sought to achieve. It is often confused with the project objectives, but the latter are more specific and are perfectly achievable. But would not it be enough to establish only the objectives? To answer these questions, let’s take different types of projects as an example.

Generally, the tendency is to exaggerate when the purpose is stated, expressing it in terms that can be almost impossible or abstract. If we are talking about a small project, it is not necessary to formulate this purpose, but if the plans are more extensive or extensive, it is important to clarify what are the purposes that justify that this project is being executed.

Write down the objectives that you have set out to achieve and the achievements you expect to achieve, both must go hand in hand, allowing them to be met in the short, medium or long term. Every project needs objectives, otherwise it could not be considered as such.

These must be defined in a precise manner, stating what you want to achieve and what you want to achieve. These two, both objectives and achievements must be correlated, so that one must allow the other to be fulfilled.

Place the recipients, both direct and indirect, ie to whom the project is directed. If you are going to refer to the final or indirect recipients avoid using vague or general terms, the ideal is to use techniques and tools such as socio-economic indicators or data statistical demographics to determine them.

Continue placing the products or instruments that you will use, as well as the materials to meet the objectives. When we talk about the products, we are referring to the tools that are necessary to be able to execute the project, they can be defined as the means to achieve the objectives. objectives.

If you ask yourself how these are distinguished from the results, the main difference is that the products depend on the way you manage the project, at this point other external factors do not enter into games.

The place to execute the project is necessary to determine it, as well as each of the activities that you are going to execute, the tasks and the methodology to be used, as well as a calendar or schedule of activities.

Place the budget to use and the name of the person responsible for executing the project, as well as the human help you are going to have. Every project requires material, human and financial resources to be carried out. Try to distinguish these three types of resources, so that it coincides with the budget, which is nothing more than the relationship of expenses and income of the project.

With this we finalize the post of today, in relation to the steps to carry out a project . We hope that the information has been very useful, do not hesitate to leave us your comment or ask us any questions about it.

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